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« Tout ce qui bouge sur un écran est du cinéma. » (Jean Renoir)

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Wolfgang Staehle, Eastpoint, 2004

Wolfgang Staehle, «Eastpoint», septembre 2004(Edit)


Eastpoint, a video installation by German-born Internet artist Wolfgang Staehle, projects a series of still photos of a rustic vista in the Hudson River valley, snapped every 10 seconds by a live Web camera set on automatic. Rather than presenting the world in video, as it passes us by, Staehle’s piece gives it to us as a sequence of tableaux.

Wolfgang Staehle with is Eastpoint (September 15, 2004) who, in tune with the landscape tradition, “depicts” the goes by of a day in the Hudson's valley thanks to over 8000 still images synchronized at projection rhythm.

German artist Wolfgang Staehle renders the temporal explicit in "Eastpoint (September 15, 2004)," a view of mountains and river in the Hudson Valley, composed of some 8,000 still images synched to play over a single day. However, the visitor sees only one, changing incrementally over the course of a 24-hour period. It's a sort of breathing photograph, a photograph expanded.

accès à la vidéo (real audio):



Lien externe : http://www.thing.net/~humbot/garrison041014/

Article : photogrammes Eastpoint 2004

Digital photographs, continously
projected and updated every 8 seconds.
Shown at Postmasters Gallery NYC,
September 2004.

Digital photographs synced to real time and custom software; 24 hours



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