On extended, boundless, vibratory and in-the-now sympathy music


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  • ASYMPHONIE MONOTON, installation vidéo avec Christian Vialard, exposition collective "Le Temps de l'Écoute", été 2011, Villa Arson, Nice, document vidéo, Christian Vialard.
    • ASYMPHONIE MONOTON, video installation by Christian Vialard, collective exhibition "Le Temps de l'Écoute" (Time for Listening), Summer 2011, Villa Arson, Nice (France), video document , Christian Vialard.
      The Asymphonie Monoton Silence (2011) is a tribute to the work of Yves Klein Symphonie Monoton Silence (1) of 1947-1961. Asymphonie Monoton Silence is an installation consisting of a projected video and a sound composition. It was created on the occasion of the exhibition Le temps de l’écoute at the Villa Arson National Centre of Contemporary Art , in Nice during summer 2011. I invited 18 musicians to play the Monoton symphony with the instrument of their choice. They had to play a note (Dmaj) for 20 minutes and then keep silence. Each musician was filmed and recorded in his own studio with the conditions of a live performance in Berlin, Paris, Bordeaux and Nice. Asymphonie Monoton Silence is a virtual concert of 18 musicians (not a reference of Steve Reich) not playing in the same time nor the same geographical area. The film is composed of five vertical strips. Each of these strips show successively the musicians while playing the score I have created. This is a work of composition and orchestration such as Yves Klein had conceived it for his own work (back in his time). (Christian Vialard)

Asymphonie Monoton Silence from christian vialard on Vimeo.

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