On extended, boundless, vibratory and in-the-now sympathy music


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Since its inception THE THING has provided a flexible and supportive venue for developing, presenting and distributing innovative forms of on-line activism, media art and cultural criticism concerned with exploring the possibilities of electronic networks.
THE THING was founded in 1991 by artist Wolfgang Staehle and became a not-for-profit 501©(3) corporation in September 1998. Prior to that date it was supported entirely by the dedication and enthusiasm of a community of volunteer activists and artists. Even with these limited resources THE THING quickly gained a reputation as a center for new media practice and theory, social forums and on-line art projects.
Initially, in 1991, THE THING took the form of a dial-up bulletin board system (BBS) that facilitated discussion and experimentation, primarily within the New York City arts communities. In 1995 THE THING launched its website http://bbs.thing.net, expanding and intensifying its efforts through initiating individual and collaborative efforts with an extraordinary variety of emerging and established artists.
This website currently undergoes restoration and will be back as an online archive by the end of 2009.
Over the last two decades, THE THING has played a seminal role not just in fostering a generation of network-oriented activist, artists, critics, and curators, but also - and equally important - searching out ways to interconnect their diverse interests and activities. It is no exaggeration to say that the list of people and projects THE THING has supported comprises a who's who of contemporary electronic culture.
The legendary THE THING has been a Internet Presence Provider for activist and arts organizations primarily in the New York area for ten years. It hosts arts and activist groups and publications including P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center; ARTFORUM; Mabou Mines; Willoughby Sharp Gallery; ZINGMAGAZINE; JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART; NETTIME; and Tenant.net. Among many others, artists and projects associated with thing.net have included Sawad Brooks, Heath Bunting, Cercle Ramo Nash, Vuk Cosic, Ricardo Dominguez, Ursula Endlicher, etoy, GH Hovagimyan (who did his first computer piece with thing.net before the web in 1993: BKPC), Jérôme Joy, John Klima, Jenny Marketou, Mariko Mori, Olivier Mosset, Prema Murty, Mark Napier, Joseph Nechvatal, Phil Niblock, Daniel Pflumm, Francesca da Rimini, Beat Streuli, and Beth Stryker. It also offers dial-up access; authoring and design services; arts-oriented newsletters, and online conversation spaces.

In July/August 2007, due to financial problems to finance the data center in NYC, THE THING is migrating to a new place by moving 6 servers onto one... In fact, along last years (before 2007), the Thing server has been censored several times :
"Advocate of online art and culture since 1991, The Thing, may have it's pipeline terminated by provider Verio. This termination, scheduled for February, could affect hundreds of sites and users, many of them artists, activists or art-related businesses. Verio lawyers told Thing founder Wolfgang Staehle that their contract for service was unilaterally null and void because of "violations" — likely the parody site http://dow-chemical.com by the Yes Men, and perhaps the persistently provocative campaigns of Rtmark or the Electronic Disturbance Theater (both hosted by The Thing). How to stand up for services geared towards artists and activists? Write to Verio and express your outrage, and make a contribution to The Thing: https://secure.thing.net/backbone/ Staehle is looking for new pipelines as you read this." (Rachel Greene, on Rhizome, 24 Dec 2002)
The Thing has been one the underlying forces in some of the most relevant projects in 90s and 00s indie digital cultures. Among others, The Thing supported projects like RTMark and subsequently The Yes Men; hosted Electronic Disturbance Theatre's campaigns of electronic civil disobedience and had a key role in the coordination of the “Toy War”, the on line campaign against the multinational toys giant Toys'R'Us launched in 1999 by the swiss group Etoy, whose agressive appropiation of the corporative language tested the borders between the art and the market in the origins of the electronic turbo-capitalism.

jeromejoy.org (formerly homestudio.thing.net - and jukebox.thing.net) was hosted on the Thing server between 1997 to 2007, before migrating on nujus.net (set up by GH Hovagimyan and Peter Sinclair).

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by Joseph Nechtaval.


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Gisela Ehrenfried and Wolfgang Staehle







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