On extended, boundless, vibratory and in-the-now sympathy music


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      installations, films, vidéos -
(sound installations, films, videos)
(collaborations with artists)
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énièmes paysages du monde renversé (in-progress) (2015-...)
(w/ David Ryan)
(umpteenth soundscapes of the inverted world, for live streaming open microphones - Locus Sonus)
chœurs invisibles (in-progress)
(w/ David Ryan)
(invisible choirs)
ALAP (2013-...) (in-progress)
(As Loud/Low as Possible - 8-hour music for a dimly-lit large room)
macbeth (2014)
(realtime generated ambient sound, sound installation w/ Dominique Leroy)

eternal refuge (2014)
(3 "soundtracks", sound installation w/ David Ryan)
le monde renversé (adylata & impossibilia) (2013)
(sound & video)
reel sham-rock (2013)
(for take shelter by David Ryan)
the end of the world (2012)
(sound for a film by Emanuel di Melo Pimenta)
synema (2012-...)
(network audiovisual system and installation, online project for live streaming webcams and microphones)

concert de secondes (2011)
(audiovisual installation, w/ Jean Dupuy)
collective jukebox, archives
machine d'écoute
(1996-2004) (2011-...)
(100-cds listening machine)
asymphonie monoton silence (2011)
(sound and video installation, Christian Vialard - Yves Klein (1947-1949))
orient-express (2010)
(music for a video by Stephan Barron, dvd-remix)
fuurin cinema (2009)
(network audiovisual system and installation, for live streaming webcams and microphones)

(nocinema) interludes (2008-2009)
(network audiovisual system and installation, for live streaming webcams and sound)
locustream audio tardis (2007)
(network audiovisual installation and online app, Locus Sonus, live streaming open microphones)
the flying dutchman (2007)
(music for a video by Michael Sellam)
disklavier (2004)
(compatible, téléchargeable)
(compatible, downloadable - a concert with a piano without instrumentalist, w/ Richard Kongrosian)
la roumanie (2001)
(romania, soundtrack, for a movie by François Magal, production NoFilm)

lascaux2.org (1999)
(e-exhibition, webcams and installations/performances by artists - w/ Paul Devautour)
nocinema.org (1999-...)
(network audiovisual system and installation, for live streaming webcams and sound)
pour JW (1998)
(for JW, electronic music for a video installation by Jürgen Waller)
sadie music (1997)
(midifile music for installations by Claudia Hart)
collecticiel (1997)
(groupware, network system installation for an exhibition curated by Éric Maillet)

april in kilcrohane (1997)
(soundtrack, for a movie by François Magal, production NoFilm)
collage TV
38 émissions de télévision (1997)
(38 fifteen-minutes sound and musical TV-programmes)
collective jukebox
machine d'écoute (1996-2004)
(100-cds listening machine)
collage audiothèque (1996)
(100 audio cassettes with walkmans and headphones)
collage musiques d'appartement (1996)
(sound-system with 100 audio cassettes)

interludes (audiovision) (1996-99)
(pre-nocinema, online programming for "live" webcams and sound loops)
activités (1994)
(actions, for voice, instruments, tapes, for a performance by Jean-Paul Thibeau)
overwritten solos (1994-1999)
(for instrumental solo music and video system)
un passage parisien (1992-1994)
(a parisian passage) (network audio system for an architecture, remote sound sensors & live sound streaming via satellite network)
auditorium pour CB (1992)
(realtime system for sound installation with microphones, resonators, live electronics)

occupations (phonographies) (1986)
(sound diffusion and installation, system for 12 simultaneous tapes)
trio composiciò (à la façon d'une île) (1986)
(composition trio, music for an exhibition by Philippe Bent)
phonographies montées (1985)
(cut phonographies, outdoor and indoor sound installations with tapes, for installations with David Ryan)
Les Avant-Mondes (I, II, III, IV) (1984-1989)
(Foreworlds, tapes & vinyls manipulations and treatments, w/ David Ryan)
le saut, les figurants (1984)
(the leap - the extras, music and 16mm-movie, w/ David Ryan)

l'ultime (1984)
(an ultimate moment, action-exhibition, music for synthesizers and sampled sounds, performances, paintings)
rien n'est jamais tout-à-fait achevé
(nothing is ever over, live painting and noise music performance)


Circuits d'Écoute -
Une Époque Circuitée - Réflexion sur l’organologie des arts en réseau : Le passage de l’Internet à: un état musical - (2010)
A Circuited Era (About an organology of networked art : the Internet as a musical space) (paper)
No Beginning No End.
Jérôme Joy : Modes d'emploi
(Mario Gauthier) (2009)
(No Beginning No End. How to listen to Jérôme Joy's works) (paper)
Jérôme Joy, Gregory Whitehead, Christof Migone, Allen S. Weiss (2000)

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