On extended, boundless, vibratory and in-the-now sympathy music


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Index — 1982-2013 — ŒUVRES MUSICALES & AUDIO — Catalogue complet

Index — 1982-2013 — AUDIO & MUSIC WORKS — Full catalog

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Listen to full catalog - music works 1982-2013
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Download full catalog - music works 1982-2012 (French version)
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2011 Musiques Populaires Recomposées (Set of Re-composed Folk Tunes)      71mn       [Plus d'info]
  nine pieces for recorded sounds and sampled music
Inedite (in progress)
  In a preview listening :
04/2011 : WebSYNradio, a Internet radio programme by Dominique Balaÿ (FR) http://droitdecites.org/websynradio/

2010 Orient Express      11mn       [Plus d'info]
  music for feedbacks and sounds on a video by Stephan Barron)
  Release :
09/2010 : DVD-Remix DVD series, edited by Stéphan Barron http://www.dvdremix.org/

2010 pim qc      24mn       [Plus d'info]
  improvisation duet (nocinema session) : Magali Babin, Jérôme Joy
  Performance :
16/06/2010 : Maison des Arts de Laval, Montréal (CAN) http://www.rcaaq.org/ http://galerieverticale.com/

2010 LocustreamMix      12mn20       [Plus d'info]
  for online recorded sounds of Locustream open microphones

Released on CD
  Release :
06/2010 : with the catalog-book of the sound festival《Around 聽在》, edited by Yang Yeung & Soundpocket, Hong Kong (HK) http://www.soundpocket.org.hk/

2010 Netrooms [for percussion]      ca. 13mn       [Plus d'info]
  For a percussionist and live sounds played and selected by distant players.
Composition : Pedro Rebelo
Percussionist : Jonathan Shapiro (Stony Brook, NY)
Players (on Internet) : Dan Wilcox (Linz), Jérôme Joy (Nice), Pedro Rebelo (Stony Brook, NY), Max Stein (Montréal), Pauline Oliveros (Troy), Pedro Lopez (Madrid)
  Performance :
04/04/2010 : Stony Brook University, NY (USA), commissioned by Jonathan Shapiro http://www.sarc.qub.ac.uk/~prebelo/ http://netrooms.wordpress.com/

2010 pim tk      30mn       [Plus d'info]
  Improvisation trio (on Internet) : Taniguchi Akihiko, Christophe Charles (in Tokyo (JP)), Jérôme Joy (in Nice (F), streaming)
  Performance :
07/02/2010 : Tokyo Wonder Site (Institute of Contemporary Art and International Cultural Exchange) (JP) http://www.tokyo-ws.org/

2010 Sobralasolas ! — ep.2      52mn10       [Plus d'info]
  Parasite Radiopera for Live, Streamed and Recorded Sounds with distant players
Improvisation quintet (on Internet) : DinahBird (Paris), Caroline Bouissou (Marseilles), Björn Eriksson (Solleftea (Sweden)), Emmanuelle Gibello (Paris), Jérôme Joy (Berlin), Kaffe Matthews (London)
Score : Kaffe Matthews ; Internet & networked system : Jérôme Joy

broadcast on radio (on air and on satellite)
excerpt released on CD
  Performance & releases :
17/01/2010 : Commissioned by DeutschlandRadio Kultur, Berlin (GER) for Art's Birthday 2010 event, concert at Pfefferberg Haus 13 for the Ohrenstrand festival, live broadcast on DRK radio, and simultaneously on the European radio network EBU (satellite). http://www.dradio.de/dkultur/ http://ohrenstrand.net/ http://artsbirthday.ebu.ch/ http://www.artsbirthday.net/
22/01/2010 : Second broadcast on DRK radio of the concert recording. Klangkunst radio programme (by Marcus Gammel)
11/2010 : excerpt released on cd EBU ARS ACUSTICA - ART'S BIRTHDAY 2005-2010 http://arsacustica.wordpress.com/

2009 Locked Out on Michigan Ave.      4mn12       [Plus d'info]
  for recorded sounds with a sound sequence by Jean-Philippe Renoult
Produced for the Locked Out project (Jean-Philippe Renoult)

  Premiered :
23/05/2009 : broadcast on Internet (streaming) Radiophonic Creation Day, Paris (F)
06/2010 : Released on a USB key (4Gb) edited by Radiophonic Creation Day'09 & Association JeL http://www.shakerattleroll.org/

2009 pim bl      ?       [Plus d'info]
  Improvisation duet (on Internet) : Emmanuelle Gibello (Berlin (G)), Jérôme Joy (Nice (F))
for recorded & treated sounds and electronic sounds

  Performance :
5/10/2009 : Experimontag, Chez Madame Claude, Berlin (GER) http://www.myspace.com/madame_claude http://www.gilliangrassie.com/

2009 Fuurin Cinema      ?       [Plus d'info]
  Live audio-visual system with images captured by worldwide webcams and with streamed live sounds on Internet (streaming microphones newly installed in Koganecho, Yokohama).

  Premiered :
1/09/2009 --> 27/09/2009 : Village nowherenowsomewherenowhere, collective exhibition, with Caroline Bouissou, Dejode & Lacombe, Hanayo, Jérôme Joy, Le Gentil Garçon, Tatzu Nishi, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Shingo Yoshida, Koganecho Area Management Center, Yokohama (JP)
17/12/2009 --> 4/01/2010 : Village nowherenowsomewherenowhere, collective exhibition, with Asamï, Caroline Bouissou, Dejode & Lacombe, Hanayo, Hiromix, Jérôme Joy, Le Gentil Garçon, Jean-Luc Vilmouth, Shingo Yoshida, Grand Dôme de l'Hôtel Dieu, Biennale de Lyon / Festival Résonances 2009 (F) http://nowherenowsomewherenowhere.com/ http://www.koganecho.net/artist_in_residence/

2009 pim ykhm      ?       [Plus d'info]
  Improvisation solo : Jérôme Joy
for recorded, treated and streamed sounds.

  Performance :
31/07/2009 : Koganecho Area Management Center, Yokohama (JP), Short-term Artist in residence program http://www.koganecho.net/ http://www.koganecho.net/artist_in_residence/

2009 pim hk      ?       [Plus d'info]
  Improvisation solo : Jérôme Joy
for recorded, treated and streamed sounds (Locustream web microphones)

  Performance :
29/04/2009 : Around Sound Festival, Honk Kong (HK), on the rooftop of the Fu Tak Building, Wanchai http://www.soundpocket.org.hk/ http://www.soundpocket.org.hk/cms/

2009 pim ld      33mn       [Plus d'info]
  Improvisation duet (harsh noise & digital non static air pressure) : Julien Ottavi, Jérôme Joy
for electronic and recorded sounds.

  Performance :
26/02/2009 : Beyond Signal #3 – harsh noise london scene, AREA10, Londres (UK) http://www.apo33.org/ http://www.area10.info/

2008 pim chi      36mn42       [Plus d'info]
  Improvisation duet : Eric Leonardson, Jérôme Joy
for amplified and treated percussions, electronic & recorded sounds.

  Performance :
5/12/2008 : live broadcast on Free Radio SAIC, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago (USA) http://freeradiosaic.org/ http://ericleonardson.org/

2008 pim pr      58mn23       [Plus d'info]
  Improvisation duet : Emmanuelle Gibello, Jérôme Joy
for electronic & recorded sounds.

  Performance :
21/11/2008 : Instants Chavirés, Paris (F) http://www.synesthesie.com/

2008 pim r2r      61mn34       [Plus d'info]
  Improvisation duet (on Internet) : Emmanuelle Gibello (Paris), Jérôme Joy (Nice)
for electronic & recorded sounds.

  Performance :
26/05/2008 : NoPlacard, Room2Room Session One, Esplanade de la Défense, Paris (F)

2008 Netrooms — The Long Feedback      ca. 23mn       [Plus d'info]
  For a networked ensemble of distant players with microphones.
Composition : Pedro Rebelo

Players (Internet) — 2/04/2008 : Michael Zbyszynski (Berkeley), Jérôme Joy (Nice), Alejo Duque (Nice), Alain Renaud (SARC), Chris Chong (Second Life)

Players (Internet) — 4/04/2008 : Jérôme Joy (Nice), Alejo Duque (Nice), Alain Renaud (SARC), Chris Chong (Second Life)

Players (Internet) — 11/12/2008 : Windfried Ritsch (Graz), Jérôme Joy (Nice), Andrea Szigetvári (Budapest), Georg Hajdu (Hamburg), Michael Zbyszynski (Berkeley)

Players (Internet) - 28/08/2009 : Pedro Rebelo (Belfast), Alain Renaud (Banff), Pauline Oliveros (Troy, NY), Owen Green (York), Jérôme Joy (Nice), Georg Hajdu (Hamburg), Franziska Schroeder (Killyleagh, Co. Down), Ken Fields (Calgary)

  Performance :
2/04/2008 : CNMAT, University of California Berkeley, CA (USA)
4/04/2008 : CCRMA, Stanford University, CA (USA)
11/12/2008 : Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast (IRL/UK)
28/08/2009 : ISEA, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast (IRL/UK) http://www.sarc.qub.ac.uk/~prebelo/ http://netrooms.wordpress.com/

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