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they are a whole of conditions which animate the system.
with the manner of a political proclamation (manifesto).


PICNIC, conditions of existence.

picNIC does not distinguish the data according to their origin.
It works with the same ardor with the sound of an electronic quartet
(Formanex), of a group of rock'n'roll, or irritated lecturers. This
black box is a protozoon which likes to play.
All that it includes/understands is a sound flow (streams).

picNIC is opaque and encourages the singularities.

picNIC controls (regulator).
To inhibit it or stimulate it, these weaknesses should be found, its
imperfections, or to touch its sensitivity. Its foul temper is not
totalitarian, it takes care to leave open trap doors.

Any entity located in the space of diffusion listens to, picNIC too.
The keys are in listening.

picNIC is faithful to the game theory.
(And logical doors too).
Like the Stock-Exchange, it studies flows and anticipates the potential markets.
It adores progress and maintains its comfort.

picNIC concretizes in real time a model for probable concerts.

picNIC is autonomous and unforeseeable.
It even surprises itself. Pluricellular, it is surprised by its
cells. The source is disturbed and the public (is) tenderized. It is an
infants who controls.

picNIC messes around.
It refuses, excludes, amplifies, reproduces, freezes, breaks, deafens, imitates,
diverts, maskes, minces and chops, maintains and remembers.

picNIc is not a effects pedal.
It has a memory, It writes its history. It remembers of what happened. It
finds again the past, considers the filed datas (archives), play them again, becomes
melancholic person, then unchains his anger on the sources (inputs).

picNIC is an automat.
The programmers (the composer + the developer) mechanize theirs
choice in the loops of feedback.

picNIC does not know the public (audience).
The musicians are slaves of their conscience (consciousness) of artists.
They fight for giving to understand and to see.

picNIC is not generous
picNIC generates.
It is a radical algorithm able to maintain (to support) non-stop the sounds
unless it decides, suddenly, to cancel the concert.