updated on 16 feb 2012
a project devised and set up by jérôme joy and propelled by ici editions. courtesy of frac paca.


557 artists -- 1487 audio works

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        o about the project & the archive 1996-2004
(with texts by jerome joy, warren burt, dante tanzi, alessandro ludivico, ariel kyrou, olivier blondeau, arnaud labelle-rojoux, marie-pierre bonniol, ludovic lignon, luc kerléo, olivier gras, dorothee richter)
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 • sound-systems & roadshows
1996         o musiques d'appartement, v. 0.1, Nice (France)
1996         o musiques de plein air, v. 0.11, Nice (France)
1996         o audiotheque La Station, v. 0.12, Nice (France)
1997         o collage TV, v. 0.2, Bregenz (Austria)
1998         o collective jukebox v. 1.0, Bregenz (Austria)
1999         o collective jukebox v. 2.0, Lyon (France)
2000         o collective jukebox v. 2.1, Tourcoing (France)
2001         o collective jukebox v. 3.0, Marseille (France)
2001         o collective jukebox v. 3.01, Nantes (France)
2001         o collective jukebox v. 3.1, Strasbourg (France)
2002         o  collective jukebox v. 3.11, Geneva (Switz.)
2002         o collective jukebox v. 4.0, Geneva (Switz.)
2002         o collective jukebox v. 4.01, Pau (France)
2003         o collective jukebox v. 4.02, Bremen (Germany)
2004         o collective jukebox v. 4.03, Milano (Italia)
2011         o collective jukebox v. 4.04a, Nice (France)
2012         o collective jukebox v. 4.04b, Nice (France) NEW !

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 • collective jukebox 4.04b
--------------------------------------archive (1996-2004)

        o next show : spring 2012, Villa Arson, Nice (F)
contemporary art center
collective exhibition, 17 feb. / 28 may 2012 :
L'Institut des Archives Sauvages
(The Primitive Archiving & Archivology Institute)

This exhibition brings together around thirty contemporary works that all have in common original and unique archiving systems both in their form and content. They are outside of the usual classifications in science or history. Each archive creates its ranking methods, its own categories, functions and uses.    [ more info ]