How to Make a Plinky

Copyright Richard Lerman, 1985, 1990

Details of Soldering

  1. Make solder pools on Back of piezo disk
  2. One at a time, hold soldering iron to solder pool while holding length of harpsichord wire in the pool -- allow to cool
  3. Tin both the inside or "hot" wire and the shield
  4. Apply a small pool of solder about 12mm x 4mm to the brass for the shield wire
  5. Hold tinned shield wire on this pool with soldering iron. Tinned shield will flow into the solder pool making both a very strong solder connection and strain relief
  6. To solder onto piezo ceramic, you must use a very clean soldering iron -- about 20 watts maximum
  7. Apply very small pool of solder to the piezo disk
  8. While holding insulated wire, reheat solder pool and put tinned end of wire into pool.