Top 10 reasons to switch

Why switch to THE THING ?

[1] THE just works

The Thing Ask them - the many people who use and love THE THING - why it's become such an integral part of their lives, and they'll tell you that it's because it just works. Letting them do what they want to do. Whether it's dial-up, domain hosting, email services, or co-location. No filters, no data harvesting, no ads, no fishy reseller deals. So if you are still on AOL, Earthlink, Rhizome or some idiotic Yahoo email service, go ahead and switch!

[2] It doesn't crash

blue square With 99.99 percent uptime, you don't need to worry! If you are still worried, get a personal worrier. And, oh yes, THE THING is built on the industrial strength of UNIX. Most Fortune 500 companies, governments, and universities rely on UNIX for their mission - critical applications. And now, so can you.

[3] Simply the best in digital music

radio transmitter The critics all agree! In, you'll find the latest in advanced electronic music. Works of musicians like John Hudak, Scott Arford and Thomas Dimuzio, Fon, Christian Science Minotaur, Kotai+Mo, Carsten Nicolai, Limimal and many more.

[4] Simply the best in digital art

yes In thing.projects, you can learn the history of digital art, without going to class and listening to some professor drone on and on. You'll discover works by artists such as Vuk Cosic, Prema Murthy, VinylVideo, Daniel Pflumm, John Klima, Heath Bunting, and Nick Crowe, to name just a few.

[5] When you call for assistance, you talk directly with Walter.

walter At so many other ISPs, when you call for assistance, you talk to some nameless, faceless tech support guy who you know doesn't care about you or your problems. Walter is patient, supportive, and understanding--really--and he always knows just what to say. And what you need to do to get back to work.

[6] Radar gives you up-to-date information on exhibitions and events.

radar When you need the latest information on what's happening on the gallery and museum scene, go to Back by popular demand, radar has an easy-to-use interface that lets you browse galleries by neighborhood or search by gallery name. It's so easy to use, you'll never go back to your current information provider.

[7] Your own digital entertainment center.

Designed and built for today's active, digital lifestyles, THE THING features Want serious entertainment? We're the place to be. And if that's not enough, check your prefered peer to peer network.

[8] You're doing your part to support the arts in
New York City - without even trying.

eat the cake When you switch to THE THING, you support innovative projects like, the ongoing program, and - every time you send an e-mail. Every time you log on. We're the one ISP that's untouched by commercial interests, so your money doesn't go into some CEO's stock options - it goes right into better content and better service for you, the user. Put your money where your mouth is!

[9] Plays well with Linux. Even on PC and Mac.

penguin Whatever your platform, political or digital, we welcome you. Just dump this silly Outlook Express program before the worms get you.

[10] It's beautiful

smile Featuring Max Kossatz's classic Thing Communicator, our clear, intuitive design that lets you find everything you're looking for. The paging and threaded messaging functions put you in touch with the rest of the THING community - from Karli Marx to Lieutenant Craque, you know who's who and who's around. And that's beautiful.

Enough said. You owe it to yourself to experience THE THING first-hand. Sign on today and cruise all that we have to offer, then ask yourself:
Am I ready to switch? Operators are standing by! Call now: 212.937.0444
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