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SoundArt Exhibitions Timeline

MAINTAINED BY Jerome Joy & Thom Holmes



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jun 1977(Edit)

Dreamsound: Event for Sleeping Audience

Organisation :(Edit)

Vehicule Art, Montreal (CA)

Location :(Edit)

Dates :(Edit)

3 jun 1973

Description :(Edit)

Overnight concert to accompany sleep. People were invited to come to Véhicule for the night and to sleep there.

Also presented at the Kitchen in New York, the Kitchen; the Western Front in Vancouver; and A Space in Toronto.

Dreamsound is a subliminal event for sleeping audience which encourages relaxation, comfortable sleep, and pleasant dreams. A variety of audio and visual media provide impetus to dream images. The event has been performed in many venues including the New Music America Festival and as an overnight radio concert.

Description : (or. lang.)(Edit)

Dreamsound : Concert pour un public endormi de Richard Hayman.

Curator(s) :(Edit)

Artists :(Edit)

Richard Hayman

Richard (R.I.P.) Hayman is an American composer and performer born in 1951 in New Mexico. He studied at Columbia University and with John Cage, Ravi Shankar, Chou Wen-chung, Petr Kotik, and Philip Corner. Hayman composes and performs music with voice, instruments, electronics and effects for concert, theater, dance, media events, film and video. He was a founding editor of the NY edition of Ear magazine, 1975-1991, and he's presently Director of the Board of Trustees of the Sari Dienes Foundation. He also had to run the bar 326 Spring Street NYC in 1977. He simply blanked out part of the first letter in the generic neon BAR sign to rename it the EAR, and it is now known as the Ear Inn. The bar has featured music and poetry events with performers like Mike Bloomfield, Laurie Anderson, Allen Ginsberg and John Ashbery. Hayman, who is a licensed merchant marine captain, has also been pursuing other projects, including organizing cruises on the Yangtze River in China, trying to start a Hudson-to-Albany riverboat line and composing projects Dreamsounds: Music for Sleeping People., and On the Way..., Music for the Near-Death Experience, cd released by Deep Listening in 1995.

A noted sinologist, he curated Tellus #19 New Music China, 1988. In the mid-1980s, Hayman was exploring the musical dimension of sleep and dream. He organised Dreamsound events for sleeping audiences, what he calls ‘social-musical slumber parties’ (MusicWorks#38, p24). To put audiences to sleep, he had a secret weapon: ‘I play Bach’s Goldberg Variations which was commissioned by Count Keyserling to put himself to sleep’ (from interview, tr.#14), though, to be honest, he also served camomille tea and warm milk (MusicWorksW#38, p25).

Other similar events :

  • Harvestworks Residencies, 1986

  • 1st Annual Dream Festival — Ione's Dream Festival - A Celebration of Dreams, Kingston NY — 26 October 1996
    • A Dream Festival in Kingston will celebrate dreams and dreamers from Kingston and surrounding areas of the Hudson Valley. The Festival will begin on Saturday, October 26 with DREAMSOUND, EVENT FOR SLEEPING AUDIENCE, by noted composer R.I.P. HAYMAN. Reservations are necessary. This event is limited to 40 dreamers. The event will be a benefit for the Pauline Oliveros Foundation is the first event to take place in the organization's new building DEEPLISTENING SPACE at 73 Broadway in the Rondout.
      "This is purely a celebration of dreams, something we all share, even those of us who don't remember them," says Ione, the author, director and psychotherapist who is also co-artistic director of the Pauline Oliveros Foundation. "Dreams are funny, strange, sometimes scary but always interesting aspects of our lives. I think if we all paid more attention to them we'd learn more about ourselves and each other. Essentially we'll be creating what is called Dream Community in Kingston."
    • Source : http://www.nyfa.org/current_archive/1996/cur090996.html
    • Source : http://deeplistening.org/site/content/dream-fest-history

Releases :

  • R.I.P. Hayman ‎– Dreamsound — Cassette, C66 (released 1987) — © R.I.P. Hayman / Other Media (ASCAP) 1987 :
    • Sleep Song — Performer [With] – Barbara Pollitt, Charlie Morrow, R.I.P.Hayman, Sari Dienes Producer — [Produced With] – Emily Evans, Mark Sloan — Sleep Song produced at Artist Acces [sic] Studio, NYC
    • Snore Sonata — Producer [Produced With] – Daniel Shklair — produced at Studio PASS NYC
    • Yawn Quartet — Performer [With] – Daniel Shklair, Kathy Coleman, Stephen Horlick, Vicki Stern — Producer [Produced With] – Daniel Shklair — produced at Studio PASS NYC
      • included also in Musicworks #38 audio cassette, Bridging Language (Cassette+journal released by Musicworks, Toronto, 1986) — Recorded By – R.I.P. Hayman, 1986.
      • in addition on Musicworks #38 audio cassette, Bridging Language : R.I.P. Hayman Discussing The Influence Of Yawning On The Listener, in conversation with Gordon Monahan, sound recording, April 1986.
    • Dreamwaves — Producer [Produced With] – Daniel Shklair — produced at Studio PASS NYC
    • Source : http://www.discogs.com/RIP-Hayman-Dreamsound/release/2452446
    • Source : http://www.deeplistening.org/site/content/rip-hayman-dreamsound-0 (cassette, Deep Listening Institute)
    • Source : http://www.deeplistening.org/site/content/dreamsound (cd, Deep Listening Institute)

Audio :(Edit)

Video : (Edit)

Documentation :(Edit)

Dreamsound at Vehicule Art Gallery
Fonds Véhicule Art (Montréal) Inc.
Véhicule Art (Montréal) Inc. fonds
Concordia University Archives

R.I.P. Hayman, Musicworks 38 (1986)

Musicworks 38, cassette, (1986)

R.I.P. Hayman, Dreamsound, © R.I.P. Hayman / Other Media (ASCAP) 1987

Announcements :(Edit)

Reviews :(Edit)

  • GANN, Kyle. "Music Downtown: Writings from The Village Voice", University of California Press, 2006
    R.I.P. Hayman, Dreamsound, pp. 222-224.

  • IONE (LEWIS, Carole Ione). "Listening in Dreams: A Compendium of Sound Dreams, Meditations and Rituals for Deep Dreamers", Lincoln, LE : iUniverse & This is a Dream (Pubs), 2000-2001
    R.I.P. Hayman, Dreamsound, p. 31.

Ione, Listening in Dreams: A Compendium of Sound Dreams, Meditations and Rituals for Deep Dreamers, (2000-2001)

Sources, Urls :(Edit)

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