On extended, boundless, vibratory and in-the-now music

Experimental music & audio art research and studies, noise electronic & instrumental music and space-based & network music composition & improvisation.

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unlimited, boundless, ∞ music, noise music, delay-based music, sound intensity-based music, long-duration-based & drone music, music in the now, expanding music, intonation music, music for multiple identical instruments, spatiality and music, music as space, experimental music, collective music, network music, NMP networked music performance.

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Internet Auditoriums & Earth-Mars Auditorium & Delay Music - Music Composition, Creation & Environmental Aesthetics.
The notion of 'auditorium' in networked music performances and systems.

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NMSAT Networked Music & SoundArt Timeline, SAET Sound Art Exhibitions Timeline, Studies and Fac-similes, Documentation (scores, books, texts), Disklavier music, NMP Networked Music Performances studies, etc.

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modes of making together (people making music), commensal & communal ways, etc. : Lascaux2.org, The Thing, Logs, Collective JukeBox, PCP Center for Sharing Creation, etc.
modes of improvisation and of the now, foreworlds, upturned & toppled worlds, co-existences, the musicked daily : Nocinema.org, Synema, Ryan & Joy, etc.

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